Relationships are vital in a student’s life. This is simply one of the reasons why relationships drive our youth ministry.  We want all students to have a place to belong, a place to call home, a place where they can be themselves and be surrounded by friends and positive influences.  In the youth ministry we have a whole lot of fun but also discuss serious topics that affect students in our culture today.  We laugh together and cry together.  We do our best to lift up the hurting and celebrate with each victory.  In the end, everything comes back to the Bible, the center of our purposes, methods, and teaching.

If you could boil down the high school ministry into one word it would be this: “Connect."  We want students to have connections with other students, with caring adults who invest in them, with Jesus, and with the Church, both local and global. Our various programs, trips, events, and conferences are geared in this vein.  We invite you to join us and experience it for yourself!

Here is more information about our primary regular programs:

Youth Group

Join us on Sunday nights from 6-8pm for high school youth group (HSYG). We’ll have a chance to connect with each other in genuine relationships, have some fun, a safe place to belong, and learn a little about how God wants us to live. Meet in the gym of the Family Life Center.

Student Life Groups

These groups are a great chance to grow closer to your peers and deeper in your relationship with God. We work together toward accountability and discipleship (learning better how to follow Jesus). These small groups meet once a week at various times and locations. (Including Sunday morning) Contact Josh Nelson if you’re interested in joining a Student Life group.